Payment Options and Insurance


    In an effort to keep our fees manageable, Dr. Weber is always  looking for ways to save you money, while at the same time maintaining the highest standards of care. Each of our patients understands that our fees are based on time and materials. Therefore, in our office, it is just as "profitable" for Dr. Weber to be doing checkups as it is for him to be providing extensive dental procedures which take longer and cost more to provide. It might not make a difference to Dr. Weber, but it makes a big difference to his patients  for in dentistry, you must always remember that extensive means expensive!.

    So the single best way to save on your dental bills is to keep the need for your dental care to an absolute minimum. That means stay healthy! You can count on us to help you every step of the way. Our patients know that it is smart to remain active in their semi-annual maintenance visits where keeping your mouth healthy actually costs less than $1 a day!

    Dental diseases are progressively destructive conditions. That means that time is the enemy, not your dental visits. The longer that dental problems exist in your mouth, the more that destruction of your valuable, healthy dental tissue will occur. So, the next best thing to not needing any care at all is to catch things early before they require more advanced, and more expensive procedures to be done. Again, your regular maintenance visits will help to accomplish this goal.

    If your exam reveals that you need any additional treatment, Dr. Weber will always explain the need, options, and costs of these procedures to you before you begin. In regards to the cost of your dental care, our office has three methods of payment:

  • All procedures, when paid in full at the time of service qualify you for a discount of:
    • 10% off of your dental fee when paid in full with check or cash.
    • 6% off of your dental fee when paid in full with American Express, Discover, Visa or MasterCard.
  • If you have insurance:
    • you still get the discount when your dental treatment is paid in full and our office will then complete your form for you to mail in for you to be reimbursed by your insurance carrier. Rest assured that our staff is very experienced with making sure you receive the benefits you deserve from your insurance plan.
    • our office has the option of accepting the assignment of benefits from your carrier, but if you choose this  option you will be responsible for your portion in full at the time of service and because you are not paying in full at the time of your appointment, no discounts are available to you. The reason is because our office will have a lot more paperwork to process and a longer wait time to get paid. If we are accepting the assignment of your benefits:
      • in order to do this, we must process a "pre-determination of benefits" before any work is begun. In this way you will know exactly how much your co-payment will be. This may delay your treatment until we find out the information from your carrier, typically 4-6 weeks.
      • if your insurance does not pay as much as was expected (sometimes due to deductibles, etc) then you are responsible to pay any balance in full while we try to find out why your benefit was reduced.
  • Payment Plan Options:
    • our patients have the opportunity to pay either their entire balance or any copayments when assigning benefits to the office using an interest-free payment plan called "Care Credit."
      • the application for this dental credit line is available online at
      • once you are approved, Care Credit will let you know how much of a credit line you are qualified for and we will go from there.
      • 3,6,12 month interest-fee options are available for any balance over $200.
      • longer payment options are available but include these payments include the usual higher interest rates.
  • Medicaid and Child Health Plus:
    • For the past six years, Dr. Weber has been accepting patients with Medicaid and CHP to his practice. We will continue to see these patients of record, but at this time we can no longer accept new patients with Medicaid policy coverage (NYS Medicaid, Healthplex, and Dentaquest.)


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