Preventative (D1000 - D1999)

Can we truly prevent dental diseases?

The answer to this important question is an enthusiastic "absolutely yes!"

The most important treatment we offer in our office is the gift of not requiring any further treatment. My goal for each of my patients is to spend their time and their hard earned money elsewhere. This is a bizarre business model, but it works here in my single chair office. All of our dental fees are  based on time and materials. So what does that mean to you?

That means the office is just as "productive" from a business standpoint if we do  20 minute checkups all day, or if we do surgery or crowns  -  which take hours -  all day. It does not matter to me. But it matters a lot to you. One costs a few hundred dollars, the other could cost thousands. The important lesson here is that you have the power to control these expenses and these experiences. And you do so with the power of preventative dentistry which when performed properly costs less than a dollar a day!

Before reading the rest of this section, please go to the "Learning Center" on this website and read about how your teeth develop. I truly believe that one cannot really know how to prevent dental disease without first understanding how the teeth are built and then how they break down. The  section "Dental Disease, Diagnosis, and Treatment" helps you to understand the rest of the story.

Once you are "up to speed" then click on each of these important Preventative Procedures and learn more about how simple and cost effective it is to protect your smile and your general health for a life time.

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